Why Skill Sharing?

On Sunday September 16th, 2018, Ecovillage Charlottesville had the pleasure of hosting instructor Kathy Kildea and a group of six folks learning the skill of canning fresh fruits and vegetables. We provided the jars and fresh tomatoes. Kathy took the group step by step as they participated in chopping, filling jars, and then water bathing the jars for storage in the winter pantry. While the jars bathed, Kathy gave important information. The group sat listening to Kathy while waiting for the ping of the caps letting them know the jar was sealed. Each participant left with a jar of tomatoes, a handout from the agricultural extension service of Virginia Tech, and hands-on experience they can use to start canning at home.


Why Skill Sharing?

For generations, our culture has encouraged individual freedom and independence. As a result we as people and a culture have lost sight of the importance of interdependence – providing mutual support to help each other to our respective goals. In the culture of convenience, we have forgotten so many of the skills that helped humans thrive for millennia. In a world where independence has left so many feeling isolated and unprepared, interdependence can help us reconnect with humanity and our better selves, and can help us bring our environmental footprint in line with planetary boundaries.

Sharing these nearly forgotten skills can help us save money, reconnect with our elders, and be more resilient in times of crisis and disaster. And connecting with other people who are interested in sharing and resilience is a great way to make new friends and enrich our lives. EcoVillage Charlottesville in partnership with Transition Charlottesville Albemarle are providing a wide range of skill share trainings to give community members an opportunity to learn and master in a friendly atmosphere. We hope you will join us in learning a new skill or sharing what you know with others.

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