Skill Share Workshop: Worm Composting at Home

When: Saturday, February 9, 2pm to to 4pm
Where: Center for Healthy Living at Ecovillage Charlottesville, 480 Rio Rd. E
Instructor: Joanne Perry
Participant limit: 10
Why send your food scraps to the local landfill when you can use worms to turn them into an excellent and free fertilizer for your house plants and garden?  Come to Ecovillage and learn from instructor Joanne how to turn a tote bin into a smell-free, pest-free indoor worm farm.
About the instructor:   
Joanne Perry has been a Fluvanna Master Gardner since 2013 and is currently the program’s Education Coordinator.  She got her first worm bin as a Christmas gift from her husband in 2014.  Both of Joanne’s parents were raised on farms.  Joanne remembers that her grandmother had a wicked green thumb and gardened without chemicals. She had an area by her barn where she would bury food.  And every fall she would dig some of the resulting worm compost for her garden.  She also got fishing worms from the pile. Big worms. Trout loved them.
This is a free workshop, and all are welcome! Meet at the Center for Healthy Living, in the EcoVillage Education Institute‘s classroom, in the first building across from the parking area. 
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