Skill Share Workshop: Dehydrating Your Garden Crops

When: Tuesday, October 23, 6:30 to 8pm
Where: Center for Healthy Living at Ecovillage Charlottesville, 480 Rio Rd. E
Teacher: Iney
Dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms is a cheap way to extend the shelf life of your garden crops and groceries while preserving their nutrition and flavor.  You can dry these foods at home and enjoy them all year long, and they make great snacks.  Come to Ecovillage and learn from instructor Iney how to preserve fresh produce as a way of enjoying your garden harvest or your local farmer’s bumper crop into the fall and winter seasons.
About the instructor:   Instructor Iney was born and raised in post WWII East Berlin, a time and place of extreme food scarcity. There was zero food waste, and anything edible, wild, or farmed — that couldn’t be consumed right away — was preserved.  As a result, she learned many different methods of food preservation. This workshop will focus on dehydration — one of the most space-saving systems of food preservation.
This is a free workshop, and all are welcome! Meet at the Center for Healthy Living, in the EcoVillage Education Institute‘s classroom, in the first building across from the parking area. 
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