November 2013 Site Plan

The latest version of the Ecovillage Charlottesville site plan is finally here! The project has picked up a ton of traction lately, so keep checking back to our website for status updates. Design and Renderings by Chris Fuller of The Housing Lab


Here are some renderings for one idea of what could be built… House designs inspired by and

CE - Rendering - Alwood Pocket Option CE - Rendering - Tiny House Option CE - Rendering 1 - Rockbrook Pocket Option CE - Rendering 2 - Rockbrook Pocket Option

If you feel like drawing your own idea for what the Ecovillage could look like, here are some 8.5×11 printable sketches that make it easy for the ideas to flow onto paper. Please share your ideas!

sketch thumbnail

About the Author
Chris Fuller is a member of the Ecovillage Charlottesville Board and Design Team. He dreams up possibilities for our Ecovillage and other resilient housing communities with his friends at Staengl Engineering.
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  1. Joanna Brandt Reply

    Dear Chris,

    I am a distance “:member” of Charlottesville Ecovillage, living in Baltimore, and planning to retire in a few years, just about when your buildings are ready.
    I am excited to see that your are considering tiny houses instead of the huge townhouses I saw in earlier renderings of the site plan.
    Please include me in conversations about the future of Charlottesville Ecovillage.
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

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