Join us for story night!

By: Margaret Lambert
O’er a month has passed since we last gathered under the evening skies to grace the fire with our collective weavings of stories and mirth. Come join us by the fireside, on Sunday October 2nd at the EcoVillage. The theme this month will honor the seasonal crinkling of chloroplast-filled plant tissue and the shifting winds that autumn carries with her. Please dig up, create, channel, and prophesize about the theme–Falling–interpreted as you, and the muses, will. Falling into the abyss… Falling in love… Falling up… Falling down… Free fall… as well as all possible synonyms: tripping, tumbling, rolling… and onwards down the list! 
Gather at 6:30 pm for a community potluck in the Lochlyn House parlor and join us out by the fireside at 7 pm for stories. As always, bring friends and blankets if you want one. 

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