Calendar of Events for EcoVillage Charlottesville VA

Green Building May 8th Luncheon: Better Business Challenge Kickoff

How to Spur Energy Savings and Sustainable Practices in Your Business What do Plow and Hearth, Alloy Workshop, State Farm, and Wild Wing Café have in common? They were all players and winners of the Charlottesville Area Better Business Challenge: a friendly competition that helps
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Green Building April 10th Luncheon: Biophilic Building Design = Symbiotic Climate Response Solutions

Earth’s climate and our man-made environment is at a tipping point. Designers and builders must embrace a more urgent and far reaching purpose and responsibility, in ways that regenerate and nourish the health and beauty of our built environmental and planet. This presentation will co
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Green Building February 13th Luncheon: Certified Stone

Why Specify Certified Stone? How The Natural Dimension Stone Sustainability Standard can Assist Green Building Projects This course highlights how the dimension stone sustainability standard (ANSI/NSC 373) can assist projects with sustainability goals. The standard examines and verifi
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