Home Design

We are developing a variety of homes to suit the needs of a diverse community, always with a focus on affordability and green living. Homes will range from one bedroom to three bedroom dwellings, with options for accessory units and single floor living. Our intention is to be net-zero energy ready. Our homes will capture the sun’s energy when it is cold, make use of shade when it is hot, and provide balanced natural light.

We are designing energy efficient homes that will:

  • capture the sun’s heat when it is cold outside
  • shade the structure when it is hot outside
  • provide an abundance of natural light
  • have great outdoor rooms
  • make efficient use of interior space
  • make use of a common space for housing guests, holding events, and interacting with each other
  • leave as much of the grounds free of buildings as possible by minimizing the footprint
  • capture the sun’s energy for power (getting to net-zero energy)


We are looking to incorporate as many of the below design features as possible:

  1. Solar electrical power – grid tied and net metered
  2. Passive solar architecture
  3. Geothermal heat pumps
  4. Enhanced Insulation
  5. Air-tight construction
  6. Natural Ventilation
  7. Energy Recovery
  8. Shared walls (fewer outside exposed walls)
  9. Shared guest space available in Community House
  10. Shared Office space available