What is Our EcoVillage

One of the defining features of our EcoVillage is that, unlike many ecovillages, it is urban. We hope that this will allow us to be visible and serve as a model for other urban sustainable living movements.

There are two components to Charlottesville EcoVillage.


The concept for the physical form of the community is a cluster of compact dwellings around the existing historic house that will be re-purposed as a common house. Most of the existing forest is to be left undeveloped and restored to health. The dwellings are to be designed with the utmost care for energy efficiency, embodied energy, function and beauty as well as with the idea that the residents want to interact with each other and are enriched by it.

The latest plans for the buildings of Ecovillage Charlottesville are designed by the Ecovillage Design Committee and drawn by The Housing Lab and Øesch Environmental Design. The plans feature compact, energy efficient living spaces in the form of flats and townhouses incorporating livability, natural light, privacy, energy efficiency, and functionality as well as a large indoor/outdoor dining area and shared kitchen on the rooftop.


You can view a PDF of the latest in-progress drawings here

Community Outreach

This part of Charlottesville Ecovillage is already underway. The property contains two houses, the Center for Healthy Living and the Lochlyn House. We use both spaces for classes, events, and programs related to sustainable and community living. The EcoVillage also hosts meetings and events for a number of other community organizations.

For more information on what we are doing, please see [Building Community].