Center for Healthy Living

The Center for Healthy Living host a variety of activities and events for the community.
The main studio space is an education center for children. The Kitchen is our nutrition center.
Healthy Living

A center of all seasons at the EcoVillage Charlottesville

It is a dynamic space that also host many meetings groups, classes, and private treatment sessions.
Currently the following groups have weekly or monthly meetings.

If you are interested in renting the center for your class or event visit
our rentals page for more info
Space Rental EcoVillage

Center Space

Kundalini Yoga Saturdays

Kundalini yoga uses a series of postures, breathing, and sound to help you raise your natural energy. The meditations help to achieve a more neutral mind so we can see the reality of situations as we clear the past and strengthen and relax into our true selves. We will work on relaxin
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