Calendar of Events for EcoVillage Charlottesville VA

Kids vs. Adults Game Show on Education- Plus Panel Discussion

Friends of EcoVillage Charlottesville, You are invited to a fundraiser event at 5:30 pm on Friday, December 1st. This two-part evening will entertain you with a game show style competition! Children from a local education cooperative will be playing against a team of adult thought-lea
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Green Building August 8th Luncheon: Building Neighborhoods for People

Since the inception of the personal automobile, the way that communities are designed has changed considerably, so much so that many neighborhoods are arranged so that people only interact with each other as they pass in their cars. New Urbanism is a movement to undo this by designing
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Kundalini Yoga Saturdays

Kundalini yoga uses a series of postures, breathing, and sound to help you raise your natural energy. The meditations help to achieve a more neutral mind so we can see the reality of situations as we clear the past and strengthen and relax into our true selves. We will work on relaxin
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