Full moon fire circle to honor elders

By: Joanie Freeman
Our full moon fire circle to honor the elders in the  Greater Charlottesville community was very well attended on Sunday, October 16. The fire circle was created to bring folks together, take down the barriers of diversity and make new friends.
That definitely happened that night. Bill Ganz (a newcomer to Charlottesville) jumped in to be our fire tender. He had a young boy lending him a hand. The circle attracted a wide age range of folks sharing their feelings and thoughts. The young folks were sharing heartfelt, caring and supporting words to the elders, who were so touched by them as they shared their own experiences. Everyone held the “space” for honoring this later time of life—a value that seems to be forgotten in our culture. The mutual respect and caring was definitely around the circle.

Let’s do it again and thanks to everyone who came!

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