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2017 Backyard Growing Series 

Join us this year at Charlottesville EcoVillage for a 10-month workshop that will walk you through the growing season. The workshop will help all gardeners realize their growing potential in a fun, creative, and social atmosphere. The focus will be on annual vegetable production, also dabbling in perennials, mushrooms, beekeeping, and backyard livestock. Each workshop will include:

  • One hour of theory – tailored to the knowledge base and interests of the group
  • One hour tour – to see theory at work in the urban garden
  • One hour hands-on practical demonstration – you can translate this directly into your backyard

This will be a Sunday afternoon workshop series from February to November. Please see the schedule below for dates and topics.

Please click here to register and for more information.


The gardens at Charlottesville EcoVillage are designed to both provide for the residents and showcase the possibilities for food growing in small urban spaces. There are various food-growing operations in the works:

  • Annual Vegetables – there are several medium-sized spaces devoted to producing large quantities of nutrient-dense annual vegetables for household consumption
  • Perennial Vegetables – we are in the process of installing a perennial food forest. We hope to have edible perennials throughout our property, inter-planted with other perennials–medicinal, culinary, and insectary
  • Backyard Demonstration Garden – we have devoted our front lawn to demonstrating creative, space-efficient, aesthetically pleasing techniques for backyard growing
  • Livestock – currently we have chickens and hope to soon acquire meat rabbits; these two livestock options are the most practical for most home growers. We have had dairy goats (who also help keep our bamboo grove in check) and may acquire them again.


The philosophies underlying all of our food production center upon sustainability. We our passionate about transforming our waste products (both on-site and in the broader community) into free resources for local gardens. We have set up our gardens using various permaculture techniques, including hugelkultur, lasagna mulching, and swales. Our aim is to mimic natural ecosystems in the way we grow food, create habitats for all sorts of life, and make use of traditionally “ungrowable” spaces.

We are also the headquarters for Cville Backyard Farmers, an organization devoted to connecting and supporting backyard food growing ventures in Charlottesville. Please see the website for more information:



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