Home Design

Date:Feb 17, 2016

We are designing energy efficient homes that will:

  • capture the sun’s heat when it is cold outside
  • shade the structure when it is hot outside
  • provide an abundance of natural light
  • have great outdoor rooms
  • make efficient use of interior space
  • make use of a common space for housing guests, holding events, and interacting with each other
  • leave as much of the grounds free of buildings as possible by minimizing the footprint
  • capture the sun’s energy for power (getting to net-zero energy)


We are looking to incorporate as many of the below design features as possible:

  1. Solar electrical power – grid tied and net metered
  2. Passive solar architecture
  3. Geothermal heat pumps
  4. Enhanced Insulation
  5. Air-tight construction
  6. Natural Ventilation
  7. Energy Recovery
  8. Shared walls (fewer outside exposed walls)
  9. Shared guest space available in Community House
  10. Shared Office space available